Galapagos Summary

It is becoming more and apparent that I will not have enough time as a first year teacher to regularly update my blog with detailed stories and pictures.

Instead I am going to upload the rest of my picture for each location and then some day in the far off distance when I’m not drowning in school work I will write stories and descriptions of each place.

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Hello again

It has been a long time. A lot has happened and even more changes have taken place. My blog puts me back on the shores of the Galapagos Islands still swimming with the turtles. And as much as I find myself wanting to return to that place, I know without a doubt in my mind that I am supposed to be where I am at this very time and place.

Over the past 6 months I have traveled through Colombia, returned home, taken (and passed!!) teaching tests, moved to Louisiana, taught in Mississippi, and returned to Louisiana to start a full time Spanish teaching position. While I don’t think it is possible to fully and accurately tell the stories of my past 6 months I am going to try. I am going to attempt to update my blog starting in the Galapagos all the way up to present day. Hopefully through the help of pictures, my journal, and my memory a decently realistic update will ensue. Hopefully, I will have enough energy over the next couple of weeks to stick to it. Wish me luck.

Galapagos, part 2

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on some boat tours whilst in the Galapagos. These pictures are an glimpse into those trips. Again, I feel as though the pictures will do a much better job explaining the trip than I ever could. I am, however, going to write a post later on with some stories and advice. Enjoy! 



Guayaquil, Ecuador 

My journey back to Ecuador from Puerto Rico was not for the faint of heart. I left Puerto Rico at 7pm on the 28th, had a 12 hour, overnight layover in Bogota before arriving in Quito the morning of the 29th. From Quito I took a 2 hour bus ride to an outlying town where I could then take a bus to Guayaquil. Upon arriving at the bus station however, I realized the best option was the overnight bus. This meant another 12 hours waiting, only this time I didn’t sleep. 12 long, long hours later (did I mention long) I was finally on a bus to Guayaquil…. At least I was pretty sure. There was some problem with my ticket not being for the exact bus but then the driver said it was ok although the attendant clearly didn’t agree. So, there I was at 12 am, in the middle of Ecuador on a bus. I figured I could sort it all out when I arrived to wherever I was going. 

Thankfully, I did arrive in Guayaquil. And on top of it the hostel I had booked was only about a mile away from the bus station/ airport and I decided to walk. I spent one night here which give me enough time to do laundry and get a pedicure…. I’m really living the hard life. The next morning I was headed to the Galapagos!





Quito, Ecuador                     

I left Cusco, Peru March 17th and arrived into Quito, Ecuador mid morning on the 18th. Even though I was half asleep as a result of sleeping in the airport, the beauty of the city did not escape me. Mountains and valleys surround the highest capital city in the world and I felt right at home with the grayness and rain the two days I was there. 

The hostel I stayed at was absolutely beautiful as well. It was  perched up on a hill with an endless view of the valley below. It had big open windows and art every where. I crashed the first day and woke up the second ready to explore the city. I left the hostel at 9 intending to catch the metro downtown and meet up with a walking tour held by another hostel. However once I got downtown and starting walking  I was captivated. 

The city thrived. People ran about their days from one stall to another as old women sat on the sidewalk and gossiped. I wanted to discover this city on my own. 
And for the next five hours I got lost in the city of Quito. I wandered to a cathedral, listened to school yard cheers, watched a pimp and a prostitute get arrested (may have taken a wrong turn or two), and stumbled upon a first annual arts fair. 

I was walking through the streets when all of a sudden I noticed an influx in cops. By influx I mean, tens and then twenties of cops started to appear as I began to hear what sounded like a large crowd. When I turned the corner I saw a large crowd gathered in a park. There was a stage set up and rows of booths. As I stood in the middle of the street I also stood in between 20 swat police officers and a large, chanting crowd holding a green sign. I got the heck out of that situation. 

Of course I wanted to explore the stalks and that exactly what I did for the following hours. I wandered the tightly packed corridors buying a bracelet here and a scarf there. I stopped to eat and after some major confusion learned my back pack was open from a concerned group of locals. I was lucky, nothing was stolen. 

After BBQ chicken, lentils, and fried plantain. I grabbed some chocolate covered strawberries and got a massage and my nails done for a total of 4 dollars. As I turned to leave I practically ran into a group of people listening to someone talk; I found out later it was the president. 

Something really struck home to me upon learning the president was there when only three blocks away a prostitute was getting arrested. 

I left shortly after that experience winding my way through what felt like enough police to start a war- or protect the president I guess