Cabo San Lucas

After 4 nights of camping on a deserted beach and in a beautiful, spider infested canyon, any type of bed was amazing. A bed in a 4 star hotel? Mecca.

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Goodbye Cabo, until next time!!


Aguas Calientes

After the amazing two days at Los Frailes, we decided to head in land to Aguas Calientes. Now I’m not sure what part of Hot Water made me think that there was going to be cold water near by, but we were all extra grumpy when we arrived hot and tired to find water that could not cool us down. There was supposed to be cold water some where at the end of the hike, but then next day ( after we hiked in about 20 minutes and camped) we couldn’t find it on our hike. There was a lot of great wildlife: Scorpions, owls, and TONS of daddy long leg spiders. As night was falling, I started to notice an influx of daddy long legs while cooking dinner. Slowly, the darker it got, the more spiders came out to say hi. It got to the point where I would shine my light and in one beam, I could see between 10-25 spiders. Needless to say, we quickly made our food edible and then booked it inside the tent.

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After a eventful night and disappointing hike ( We walked for about an hour in the blazing heat and could not find the falls with the cold water) we decided we were ready to sleep in really beds. Cabo San Lucas here we come!

Los Frailes

After driving back to San Jose del Cabo to pick up two of our friends, we began the trek to Los Frailes. Los Frailes is located on the East coast of Baja California, which is not a tourist destination, and as a result, we spent the entire drive on a dirt road. Thankfully, the four of us get along very well and did not have trouble passing the 4 hours in the car. We sang, danced, and in general simply enjoyed being somewhere other than Washington.

The long drive became a problem, however, when we arrived at Los Frailes. We only had a map and a general idea of a location, which is not conducive to night time and small cars that get stuck in sand. Thus, we found ourselves outside, pushing attempting to push the car out of the sand, in the total darkness. Thankfully we were able to free the car with only minor damages and after jumping into a moving car we decided to pull over where we thought the campsite was and deal with everything else in the morning.

This is what we woke up too.

IMG_6307 IMG_6308 IMG_6310 IMG_6311 IMG_6358 IMG_6360 IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6421 IMG_6330

We spent the most amazing two night watching whales, jumping manta rays, and enjoying the sun

La Fortuna

Our flight to Baja California went very smooth, and we were able to pick up the car with a good amount of daylight left. The warmth was awesome!! We weren’t quite sure where we were; we just wanted to get to the beach as soon as possible. After accidentally taking the wrong turn, we found ourself in the heart of the historic district of San Jose Del Cabo. My friend kept urging me to pull over, but parking was limited and I was determined to find our way. Some how after 12 minutes we magically did find the right road, although we weren’t convinced until 25 minutes into our drive! We stopped at a very small market and picked up some water. At this point we had been in Cabo for about 2 hours and still had yet to see the beach. We finally took a right turn and ended up in La Fortuna.

We pulled up next to a small B&B, threw on bathing suites, and ran to the beach. The surf was awesome, really steep, with big waves. We were able to start at the top of the sand and throw our bodies into the cascading waves. The sun was getting ready to set and we needed to figure out our plans for sleeping. My friend went up to some fisherman on the beach to ask about camping on the beach. They told us to try going to the end of the beach by some cool rocks. We grabbed all our stuff and walked 15 minutes to find a small hideout perfect for camping. We set up our tent, and then walked back to the B&B where we had dinner.

La Fortuna was the perfect location for our first night. We didn’t have to worry about cooking, it was close to San Jose Del Cabo where we had to go back the next day to pick up two other people. Upon reflection I wish we would have stay there for more than just one night, but alas it is was it is.


Packing List: Camping in Baja California

Spring break my senior of college found three of my close friends, and my self planning a trip to Baja California. Because we were essentially poor college students we decided to spend most of our time camping to save money, and have a less touristy experience. This meant were renting a car and bringing all of our gear with us, but still wanted to keep the amount of stuff to a minimum ( and thank god our car turned out to be a very, very small four door. It couldn’t fit all four backpacks in it). Upon further discussion we decided to each bring one carry on, and then have one checked bag for the four of us. All in all this system worked out well.

What I brought-


Sleeping pad– I choose this pad with advice from my dad, a long time backpacker, and advice from the internet. Overall it worked well, it was a little bulky, but does compact down for it’s size. I would probably go back and get a smaller version.

Tent– Now I don’t have the most expensive 2 person tent (it’s actually quite cheap), but I LOVE it. It’s relatively lightweight, compacts down to a decent size, has two doors, and all the little features. I may be partial because it’s my first personal tent, but I would recommend this tent to anyone who doesn’t have to worry too much about packing.

Water Purifier– I got this for christmas from my grandpa, and I really like it. Overall we didn’t need to use it too much, but it’s very user friendly, and the charges last a long time. I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I use it for eight months, so jury’s still out.

Stove– My dad helped me pick this stove out, and I’m very thankful. This is such a great little stove. It’s compatible with regular gas, so we just stopped by a gas station to fill it up. It’s very compatible and durable. It was perfect for our trip

Headlamp-Great, reliable.

Towel– Great space saver, was a little inconvenient given the amount of time spent on the beach when I was too small. Next time I will bring the biggest size because it doesn’t add too much space, and gives me the flexibility to lay on it when at the beach. I also used my sarong a lot so it wasn’t too inconvenient.

Hammock– Bringing this was a must for me. I had yet to use it and wanted to hang the hammock on the beach. This is an ok hammock. I only slept in it once over night because of the lack of a bug screen, but it was very comfortable the one night. I did notice some small holes in the fabric on the second day, which was a little alarming. But it does compact down to a nice size and is pretty light weight.

Pack-Osprey Porter 46I LOVE this pack. I brought this pack with me to Spain, and now again to Mexico. It’s just a great pack. I love the front entry so I don’t have to do as much digging. The convertibility is an awesome feature, although I spend most of the time in the backpack mode. It’s comfortable to hike in ( In Spain I hiked for 5 hours through the Sierra de Cazorla, with it fully packed, AND a pack on the front), and just the right size. I am using this pack when I travel for 8 months


Trying to keep it as minimal as possible I brought-

(2) swim suits

(3) Underwear

(2) Bras , one sports bra, one regular

(1) shorts

(1) Straw hat

(1) short sleeve shirt (causal enough to wear around, but fancy enough to wear to the club)

(1) dress (for the clubs)

(1) sarong ( The MOST used item in my pack. My aunt convinced me to bring it, and it has become a staple on my packing list no matter where I go)

Chocos, sandals, and Five fingers (worked great for hiking and water shoes)



Canon Rebel T3- and two lenses

Odds and Ends


Cribbage board

(2) decks of cards

Snorkel set

Food went in any extra space in our packs.